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  1. By ziaul qamar Posted on 24/01/2015

    i am going to make a tenancy contract with owner.please let me know about do’s and dont’s and precautionary measures before signing the contract.

    • By Ahmed Medien Posted on 24/01/2015

      Hi Ziaul,

      Thanks for reaching out. We recommend you chekck our two latest posts:

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      Contact our legal consultant friends at :)

    • By Posted on 25/01/2015

      Hi Ziaul,

      Most tenancy contracts in Dubai are standard. The front side is general rules and laws, while the reverse is often additional clauses added in, as agreed by both the tenant and landlord.

      There are not too many ‘Do’s and Don’ts’, but following sensible guidelines will aid you. For example, don’t pay cash, always use a check or bank transfer to create a paper trail. It is worth remembering you are not going to sign a rental contract that you are not happy with. So as long as you are happy with the terms and conditions feel free to sign it.

      Most rental contracts will state that any major work that needs taking care of will be the responsibility of the landlord, while the minor things and bills will be the responsibility of the tenant. This will mean you have to pay for Etisalat or Du, DEWA, possibly air conditioning and any other month to month bills associated with the property. The service charge should be paid by the landlord, and not your responsibility. If the landlord suggests that it is, I would think carefully about signing the contract.

      Please feel free to come and visit us at once you have your tenancy contract and subscribe to our service.

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